Aquae Sulis

My art studio is open on 3 December 2016 as part of Small Business Saturday, with over 400 original artworks to browse.  My own design Christmas cards will also be available.  Please contact me here or via the website to RSVP as space is limited and register your interest.  There are oil paintings, watercolours, pastels and drawings, also etchings and various other prints available.  Refreshments will be provided.


Kate Garraway & Dr Hilary Jones

Now the completed oil paintings of Kate Garraway & Dr Hilary Jones as seen on Good Morning Britain. Both oil paintings are approx. 23 1/2″ square canvas.  These are two well known personalities and Dr. Hilary is the resident doctor on GMB & Lorraine.  Should you be interested in either of these portraits then get in touch via my contacts page on or if you wish to commission me for a more personal portrait of yourself.

Dr. Hilary Jones & Kate Garraway

I have completed both portraits of Dr. Hilary Jones & Kate Garraway and sent copies to ITV so that the sitters can see completed oil paintings before I make them public feel it is only polite to give the sitters that respect.  Am beginning another oil painting today which is on route to Sugar Loaf Mountain, Wales.